Holistic Treatments

Using Reiki and Crystals therapies I have helped a lot of people over the last 15 years who were suffering from emotional and/or physical pain.

Please phone to discuss if these treatments (details below) would be appropriate for you and arrange initial consultation and treatment session.

Reiki (£25 per session)

Reiki is a simple, natural and safe method of spiritual healing that everyone can use. It can help nearly every illness. It works in conjunction with other medical or therapeutic techniques to relive side effects and promote recovery.

Even though Reiki is spiritual in nature it is not a religion. You don’t have to believe in anything in order to use and learn Reiki and for it work, just have an open mind.

You don’t have to be ill to have a Reiki treatment, it is an ultimate ‘chill out’ experience and is a big stress reliever. Reiki is a powerful, safe, relaxing, energizing and enjoyable experience. Reiki can revitalize your mind, body and soul, de-toxify your system, re-balance your body’s energies, start a self-healing process that can lead to good health and complement’s any other treatment you are already receiving.

During a treatment I will place my hands in various positions over and around you head and body. While I am doing this Reiki energy will flow. You may feel cool, hot, tingling in places or any other sensations. If you are in pain you may find that the pain will lessen. You are fully conscious during the treatment. Many people find Reiki very relaxing and some even fall asleep. Afterwards you may feel very calm, relaxed and really chilled out which could last for a few days this is all perfectly normal.

Crystal Therapy (£25 per session)

The Crystals provide a gentle, non-invasive form of healing that co-operate with our body’s inner healer, a repair mechanism that brings things back into balance. Each crystal has its own energy field, as do we and all physical matter. Energy is always moving even if we don’t think so, every part of us has its own speed of energy, our bones energy vibrates at a slow rate, our muscles and organs energy vibrates at a faster rate and the energy of the blood which circulates through our veins is even faster and so on.


A crystals function is to balance and harmonize with the Auric field, they have their own vibrations which work along side our energy. Crystals vibrate at different speeds depending on their colour, DNA and molecular structure which support different harmonizing uses.


Our bodies are made up of an electromagnetic energy which is known as the AURA, and the flow of this energy affects our health. The chakras are responsible for directing and distributing this energy throughout our body. There are 7 major chakras running from the base of the spine to the crown of the head, each chakra being responsible for distributing energy to different organs, nerves and muscles. Each chakra spins at a different frequency. When the chakras are spinning properly the body radiates perfect health, emotions are centered and balanced and we enjoy a deep sense of peace.

If our Auric field gets out of sync, the vibration of the energy will change through our emotions and cause illness. Whatever the problem it will start in the Auric field of a person, and then penetrate to the Chakra, they are powerful centers, spirals of energy and light which are openings for energy to flow in and out of the Auric field. They receive, hold, change and transmit energy. If our behaviour or thoughts are negative we can alter their natural energy flow which causes blockages and we become ill and cause physical, emotional, mental & spiritual problems.

By placing the right crystals on each of the chakras they can heal the blockage and help recovery. Crystals heal holistically with no pills or potions so very safe, they work on our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. Crystals are very powerful, from the largest to the smallest they and are linked with the Angelic being. They have been around since the beginning of time when the earth was being created, and have been used for thousands of years to heal holistically.

When I heal, positive energy flows between me and the patient which is amplified by the crystals. By placing the crystal on each chakra point I can clear any blockages allowing energy to flow freely and help any problems you may have.

I do not offer medical diagnosis, if you are receiving medical treatment please continue to do so, crystal healing is complementary and which works along side conventional medicines